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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means that we must have your consent for us to hold your details, and those of your organisation, on our databases.  We are required to tell you how we use these details.

CareData uses the information you give us to provide a local community, care and health information service to the general public.

The information on the Grampian CareData database is:

  • Published on our web site
  • Made available to non-commercial organisations to assist in the compilation of directories, for example the Carers Resource Book

Only publicly accessible information provided by your organisation is published.  Personal contact details, as Information Provider, are held independently on an administrative database which is only used internally and is not distributed.

If there are any details which you prefer not to be made available to the general public but which may be held by us in the office, please call us on 01651 267392 to discuss this further.

We would like to keep information about you and your organisation on CareData but in compliance with the Regulation we will remove any details from our databases at your request.

MHz memory modules (Go to GIGABYTE'S Acer Extensa 7230 Wireless LAN Driver website for the latest memory support list. Here you can delete the RAID volume, but please be noted that all data on RAID drives will be lost.

Publicly accessible information on Grampian CareData is checked and updated annually and contact information for Information Providers is retained for 18 months before further consent is requested.

Checking the box beside the statement "I accept the Grampian CareData terms of use" will be required before you can proceed with registration. This means that you have read this statement and give consent for your details as Information Provider, and the details of the organisation you represent, to be used for the purposes stated.

Please Note:

To comply with GDPR you must ensure that individuals whose personal details have been included as part of your organisation's record of information, have consented to this information being made public and are aware that it may be published on the Internet.  This includes home addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses, where provided.

You can view Grampian CareData’s Privacy Notice here.


I have read and agree.